Global Health Residency / Fellowship Pathway Overview



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Applications for all tracks due September 1.


Our Mission:

To develop academic leaders in global health dedicated to reducing human suffering caused by health disparities. As a distinguished program that incorporates multiple departments, the Global Health Residency/Fellowship Pathway delivers tailored postgraduate training experiences integrating specialty-specific research opportunities, masters-level didactic training, and close mentorship to develop careers in global health.

Our Method:

  • Engage Cross-Departmental Participation
    Recognizing the need for multiple specialties to address diverse global health problems, the Global Health Residency/Fellowship Pathway involves multiple departments from across the Medical Center. Departmental curricula are tailored to meet specialty-specific topics and requirements.
  • Enhance Didactic Training with a Master of Science in Global Health
    The 38-credit curriculum includes six core courses, electives, a field experience to apply learned research methods, and a research-based scholarly thesis. Graduates are prepared to engage in clinical, epidemiological, social-behavioral, and policy-oriented research, and to design, implement, and manage health programs which target the reduction of health disparities.
  • Immerse Trainees in an Intensive Field Experience
    Duke's Global Health Residency / Fellowship Pathway includes a nine to twelve month intensive field experience in a resource-poor setting. During the field experience, trainees will have opportunity to apply newly acquired skills in both a clinical and research capacity while developing leadership skills in community coalition building, program development, and cultural competency.