Global Health Pathway
for Residents and Fellows

Program Overview

The Global Health Pathway provides Duke residents and fellows opportunities for intensive global health training. Trainees integrate Master of Science in Global Health (MSc-GH) didactics with mentored research tailored to her/his specialty area. The most recent cohort of five new trainees joined the program in mid-2017 and include the program’s first "global health is local" focus with a trainee studying refugee health at Durham's Lincoln Community Health Center.   Other participating subspecialities include Emergency Medicine, Infectious Diseases, Internal Medicine and Psychiatry.   

"I'm interested in Cardiovascular Disease in Subsaharan Africa. Duke's Global Health Pathway is unique. They have really great resources and have been able to provide me with support for my research project. And also a full protected year to live abroad and work abroad and do independent research."

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"There are certain obsticles that you face in the field that you cannot simulate in the classroom. One of the things that I value about being in this setting is my interaction with my team. I think the knowledge sharing as gone both ways. I hope that I've taught them some skills and knowledge. At the same time, I've learned a lot from my team."

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Recent Publications by Trainees and Alumni

Duke Global Health : Laura Lewandowski