Global Health Pathway
for Residents and Fellows

Program Overview

The Global Health Pathway provides Duke residents and fellows opportunities for intensive global health training. Trainees integrate Master of Science in Global Health (MSc-GH) didactics with mentored research tailored to her/his specialty area. The most recent cohort of five new trainees joined the program in mid-2017 and include the program’s first "global health is local" focus with a trainee studying refugee health at Durham's Lincoln Community Health Center.   Other participating subspecialities include Emergency Medicine, Infectious Diseases, Internal Medicine and Psychiatry.   

“Congenital heart disease patients fill the clinic. The lesions are so severe, I usually know the diagnosis before the stethoscope comes out of my pocket. By placing my hand on the child’s chest, I can feel the diastolic thrill of mitral stenosis or Corrigan’s pulse of aortic insufficiency.  The clinical officer joining me in clinic assists with language and cultural translation to begin discussing the need for surgery with the family.”

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"For anyone who has ever worked in a resource-limited country, you know nothing ever goes the way you plan. Rules suddenly change or visa applications go astray, budgets increase exponentially when hiring research assistants, the electricity surges and causes your very expensive equipment to explode, the lights go out in the OR as you suture the uterine artery on a hysterectomy, or you just get malaria."

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Recent Trainee Publications and Press

Duke Global Health : Laura Lewandowski