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Gerald Bloomfield, MD, MPH

GHP Graduate

Cardiovascular Diseases

Department of Medicine


Dr. Gerald Bloomfield completed the Duke Global Health Pathway and a Fogarty International Clinical Research Fellowship in 2010 and is currently Assistant Professor of Medicine and Global Health at the Duke University Medical Center. He received his undergraduate degree in Psychology from Princeton University and his MD from Johns Hopkins University. During medical school, he earned an MPH from the Johns Hopkins University School of Public Health with a concentration in Health Finance and Management and International Health.

Dr. Bloomfield completed his Internal Medicine residency in the Osler Internal Medicine Training program at Johns Hopkins where he was later asked to serve as an Assistant Chief of Service (Chief Resident). He completed his Cardiology Fellowship at Duke in 2011. His earliest exposures to global medicine were during medical school and residency where he has served as student, research assistant, relief worker and attending physician in Japan, Singapore, India and Kenya.



His research interests are in the epidemiology of heart failure and cardiovascular risk factors in sub-Saharan Africa.  He has led studies of heart failure epidemiology, cardiovascular effects of indoor air pollution, genetic associations with cardiovascular disease and cardiovascular risk factors among HIV+ patients at the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute’s Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Disease Center of Excellence at Moi University in Eldoret, Kenya. 

Representative publications:

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