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John Bonnewell, MD, MSc-GH

Global Health Pathway Graduate

Fogarty International Clinical Research Fellowship Alumni

Infectious Diseases

Department of Medicine


John Bonnewell completed the Global Health Infectious Diseases Fellowship in 2020. He is currently a fellow in the Duke Medical Microbiology program. He has global health experience both within the United States and abroad. He developed an initial interest in the challenges of global health as an undergraduate in Nicaragua studying the ethics of development from both a religious and secular standpoint. He later worked as a medical student at the University of Louisville in a remote area of eastern Ecuador learning about the provision of basic medical care in the developing world. As an Internal Medicine resident at Brown University, he was a primary care provider for a significant portion of the local incoming refugee population to Providence, including a considerable number fleeing the Syrian war as well as Congolese, Somali, and Iraqi refugees. This work included helping diagnose and coordinate care for newly diagnosed infectious diseases such as hepatitis B and C and parasitic diseases as well as providing support and triage for newly diagnosed post-traumatic mental health disorders. His research project focused on uncovering the causes of febrile illnesses and deaths in northern Tanzania.