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Laura Musselwhite, MD, MPH

GHP Graduate

Internal Medicine

Department of Medicine


Dr. Musselwhite is a native of rural North Carolina and completed the Global Health-Internal Medicine Residency Track in 2016 after finishing two years of Internal Medicine Residency at Duke. She received her MD at Duke and was awarded a Global Health Scholarship at Johns Hopkins University to pursue an MPH.

She began her research career in the Laboratory of Immunoregulation at the NIH as a Research Fellow in the Clinical Research Training Program (currently the Medical Research Scholars Program) and has conducted studies in HIV biomarker discovery in the U.S., South Africa, and Mexico.

Her clinical experiences in low- and middle-income countries include Haiti, Kenya and Tanzania. While working there, she observed a lack of access to health care along the cancer continuum – from prevention and diagnosis to treatment and palliation. Cancer care inequities in low-regions of the world played an informative role in her transition to global oncology from HIV.

As a Duke Global Health Resident and NIH Fogarty Global Health Fellow, Dr. Musselwhite spent 2015-2016 building a transdisciplinary research partnership between the Duke Global Cancer Program and Barretos Cancer Hospital in the state of São Paulo, Brazil, among the largest cancer hospitals in South America and one that provides free care to all patients.  Her research portfolio lies in two domains of precision oncology. The first aims to utilize individual patient and tumor characteristics to deliver highly effective, personalized care by integrating clinical, molecular, genetic and epigenetic information in real-time. The second aims to develop a novel urine diagnostic for cervical cancer through the support of a Gates Grand Challenges Explorations Grant, for which she is the principal investigator.  She has ongoing collaborations with Barretos Cancer Hospital researchers in cervical cancer.

Dr. Musselwhite served as an elected board member of the global non-profit, Universities Allied for Essential Medicines, between 2013-2015. Her work has been featured in scientific journals as well as the popular press including the New York Times, Forbes Magazine, Huffington Post, and the Toronto Star. She is currently an Oncology-Hematology Fellow at Duke University. 

Representative publications:

Musselwhite LW, Andrade BB, Ellenberg SS, Tierney A, Belaunzaran-Zamudio PF, Rupert A, et al. Vitamin D, D-dimer, Interferon Gamma, and sCD14 Levels are Independently Associated with Immune Reconstitution Syndrome: a Prospective, International Study. EbioMedicine. 2016.

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