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Steven Sumner, MD, MSc-GH

GHP Graduate

Internal Medicine

Department of Medicine


Dr. Steven Sumner graduated from the Global Health and Internal Medicine Pathway in 2013 and is currently a Medical Epidemiologist, Division of Violence Prevention at the Center for Disease Control.  Prior to joining Duke, he completed his undergraduate education at Marquette University and medical school at the Medical College of Wisconsin.

Durhing he the Global Health Pathway training, Dr. Sumner was awarded a Fogarty Global Health Fellowship for his  cluster-randomized trial evaluating strategies for implementing conspicuity measures for a high risk population of motorcycle taxi drivers in Moshi, Tanzania.  Below is a short video he producted outlining his project.



Dr. Sumner’s personal interests include tropical agriculture and rural development. This initially led him to spend nearly a year, prior to residency, working and studying in Honduras at the Pan-American School of Agriculture. This experience solidified his long term research interest in understanding the environmental factors which shape health.

Dr. Sumner’s main research interests lie in environmental health, injury research, and violence prevention, both in the domestic and international context. His published research in these fields has appeared in the Journal of the American Medical Association, Annals of Internal Medicine, and the American Journal of Preventive Medicine, among others.

Representative publications:

Sumner SA, Mercy JA, Dahlberg LL, Hillis SD, Klevens J, Houry D. Violence in the United States: Status, Challenges, and Opportunities. JAMA.2015;314(5):478-488.

Sumner SA, Pallangyo AJ, Reddy EA, Maro V, Pence BW, Lynch C, Turner EL, Egger JR, Thielman NM. Effect of free distribution of safety equipment on usage among motorcycle-taxi drivers in Tanzania-A cluster randomised controlled trial. Injury. 2014 Apr 29. pii: S0020-1383(14)00201-0. 

Sumner SA, Turner EL, Thielman NM. Association Between Earthquake Events and Cholera Outbreaks: A Cross-country 15-year Longitudinal Analysis. Prehosp Disaster Med. 2013 Dec;28(6):567-72. Epub 2013 Oct 29.

Sumner S, Brown LG, Frick R, Stone C, Carpenter LR, Bushnell L, Nicholas D, Mack J, Blade H, Tobin-D'Angelo M, Everstine K; Environmetal Health Specialists Network Working Group. Factors associated with food workers working while experiencing vomiting or diarrhea. J Food Prot. 2011 Feb;74(2):215-20. 

Sumner SA. Running on empty: health care energy use in a developing country. J Health Care Poor Underserved. 2010 Nov;21(4):1278-81. 

Sumner SA, Layde PM. Expansion of renewable energy industries and implications for occupational health. JAMA. 2009 Aug 19;302(7):787-9. 

Sumner SA. Divine Paradise. Annals of Internal Medicine. 2008 Dec 2;149(11):834. Personal essay on gang violence in Honduras.

Sumner SA. Do No Harm: Eliminating Corruption in the Honduran Public Health Care System Through Technology. The International Essay Competition 2007: Finalists’ Essays. The World Bank. 17 May 2007, Paris: pg 15-27.