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Tony Pham, MD, MSc-GH

GHP Graduate


Department of Psychiatry


Tony Pham is a psychiatry and global health resident who is completing a Master of Science in Global Health at Duke.  Dr. Pham started as a disaster relief volunteer following Hurricane Katrina.  It was in this setting that he grew into the field of disaster mental health. To continue his volunteer efforts, he attended medical school at Tulane University where he focused his interests on resilience within the local Vietnamese population.  Dr. Pham later transitioned to working in Japan with survivors of the 2011 earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear disaster.  The collaborative effort involved 9/11 survivors who traveled to Japan on a mission of community outreach.  The study was the first of its kind to explore exchanges between survivors of different disasters.  As a Global Health Resident, Dr. Pham will work under the mentorship of Dr. Brandon Kohrt at the Transcultural Psychosocial Organization in Nepal where he will examine the impact of meaning making techniques and spirituality on those affected by the 2015 Nepal earthquake.  


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