Adelaide, Australia

Flinders Medical Center

Adelaide, Australia
Paddy A. Phillips, MD, PhD
Professor and Head of Medicine, Flinders University
Division of Medicine Director, Flinders Medical Centre Repatriation Hospital
Adjunct Professor of Medicine, Duke University


Flinders University is a major, top-ranking Australian university with a high research and clinical profile. Professor Paddy Phillips, selected as the May Reader in Medicine at Oxford, joined Flinders as the Head of Medicine in 1997. He now leads the Residents' Program. Professor Phillips is internationally recognized as an expert in evidence-based medicine and is the Director of the Australian Center for Evidence-based Clinical Practice. Prior to the establishment of the Duke residents' program in Adelaide, Flinders University maintained a clinical trials relationship with the Duke Clinical Research Institute. The residents' program was prompted by Dr. Corey and Professor Phillip's longstanding friendship and has flourished under Professor Phillips' guidance and vision. 

Clinical Opportunities

The 600-bed Flinders Medical Centre includes all of the components of a major tertiary care institution. Flinders and its medical affiliates are responsible for providing the majority of health care for all of southern Adelaide (population 350,000). Clinical opportunities and assignments are based on the interests of the resident and the appropriate medicolegal regulations.  Residents frequently visit  Alice Springs, home to a rural clinic that treats the Australian indigenous population.


Although research is an ongoing part of the daily routine of the faculty at Flinders, Duke residents on elective rotations are not involved in these efforts.

Linda Koshy, Medicine, Spring 2017